About Us

Hey there, We’re the Harrys!

cropped-cropped-20160529_182100-e1465922606420-1.jpgWe, like most families, like to have fun.  And we LOVE to travel!  We like to camp, go on day trips, go to the beach, and especially, we like to explore new areas or fun things to do.  There are SEVEN of us.  Five kids ranging in ages 1.5 through 11.  Busy Busy!

So many times, when researching fun, family adventures, I have wished there was some information to let us know what to expect before we get there.  Where will I change a diaper?  Is it kid friendly?  How much does it cost?  Can I bring food in?  Is it stroller friendly?  Is the parking lot safe?  Will my big kids be bored?  Will it be too hard to bring my crazy toddler along?  Is this a place I need 2 adults?  And the list goes on.

This blog is both a place for me to tell everyone about all our fun adventures, and a vehicle to help other fun families with a preview of the fun places they might like to try out.  My hope is that you will enjoy seeing the fun places we go (and ooh and ahh over my totally adorable kids), and gain some helpful information about the destinations that you might like to try out.  Another focus on my blog will be posting deals and ways that you can save money so that you can afford to go on more adventures together.  My promise to you is that I will be totally honest with my reviews so that you either don’t waste your time with one location, or HARRY UP AND GO to another 🙂

Here’s a little info about each of us so you can get to know us a little better.

Papa Harry


Papa Harry is a bit shy with the social media so you might not hear too much from him initially.  I’m working on him though, so Im sure he will chime in on Harryupandgo.com someday. You will surely see a lot of him though since he loves our family adventures just as much as I do.  Even though Mama Harry is the planner, I couldn’t do this without him! He works 9-5 in the Life Insurance industry, but loves our family time.  He likes to play golf, hosts a monthly poker night, and loves the beach and warm weather.  His future adventure plans include playing a round of golf at Pebble Beach, visiting the house where the movie, “A Christmas Story” was filmed, and touring the Tobasco Sauce Factory.

Mama Harry


Geez, its hard to find a picture of just me so this was the best I could do.  I’m a mom of 6 (we lost our first baby, Jocelyn,  when she was 2 months old sadly) and I have the luxury of staying at home with the Harry kids.  I loathe cleaning up after them – so I’d much rather be out of the house exploring and having fun.  I like to sew, and recently closed up a successful baby carrier manufacturing business.  I proudly used to make Piggy Sack Baby Carriers and still use them with Bubba Harry.  I love getting together with friends and family, and planning things for us to do both around town, and further away on our adventures.  I love the beach and state parks.  Getting out in nature and away from plugs and electronics is my favorite!  My top adventure wishes are to go to Utah and check out some of its many state parks.  I went out west a few times and knew I’d want to get back out there one day.  I really want to spend some time in the Florida Keys and I’d like to go to a hot air balloon Festival in the Southwest one day.

Mermaid Harry


Mermaid Harry is our oldest.  She’s beautiful, responsible and I don’t know what I would do without her.  She’s a little mommy and my right hand woman.  She loves swimming, especially with her mermaid tail that I made for her.  She’s smart, social and bubbly.  She doesn’t like to sleep alone (thank goodness there’s always a sibling close by) and she loves riding her bike. She loves to cook and is always creating new recipes in the kitchen. She is go with the flow, and is always up for an adventure!  Her top adventure wishes are to check out Hollywood, Mount Rushmore and she wants to swim with dolphins.

Mr. Baseball Harry


Mr. Baseball Harry, well, loves baseball.  He loves playing baseball, talking about it, watching games, studying and sorting…and re-sorting his baseball cards.  He loves watching pick up games of baseball on Youtube.  He wears an Orioles or baseball shirt every day of the year.  He’s creative and funny, easy to get along with and fun.  He is a big help with the little ones and is learning ‘how to be a man’ from his dad.  He really wants to check out the Babe Ruth Museum, Wrigley Field in Chicago and Dodger Stadium.  He also wants to see some spring training for O’s games in Florida.

Sissy Harry


Sissy is the middle child.  She is so special.  She my free spirit, animal and nature lover.  If you can’t find Sissy, she’s probably off chasing a butterfly or looking for worms.  She loves collecting things especially stuffed animals and seashells.  She has quite the collection of stuffed friends, one of whom she named “Goody Bags” when she was little.  She is so kind and we rarely ever have a problem with Sissy.   I can count on her to do the right thing and help with anything.  She loves to swim and she is looking forward to going back to Great Wolf Lodge and checking out other water parks in the future.

Missy Harry


Missy Harry is something else.  She is so filled with energy, emotion and she has LOTS to say at all times.  She is a leader and makes sure you know her presence.  She’s really coming into her own and we are enjoying watching her grow.  She really loves to play with her friends and loves all things girly.   I often spy her dressing up in my shoes and scarves.  Her blonde hair has been slow to come in, so she likes to wear wigs and scarves on her head.  She often talks about ‘when she has long hair like Rapunzel’.  She’s such a cutie and really loves going on our adventures.  Her favorites include Dutch Wonderland, Great Wolf Lodge and Jellystone.

Bubba Harry


Bubba Harry is a ball of energy. He never sits down and surely keeps us on our toes.  He loves swimming in the pool with his puddle jumper on and happily joins us on whatever adventure we take him.  His language is exploding at the moment.  Even though he may not remember the things we are doing now, I hope he will look back at these memories and see how much family fun we are having.

And last but not least, I wanted to include a picture of our infant daughter, Jocelyn,  who sadly passed away before she got to go on any family adventures with us.  Jocelyn had a birth defect in her intestine that was undetected until it caused major problems.  She got sick quickly and passed away at the age of 2 months. She is however,  always in our hearts and is a topic of conversation often with the kids.  They all know about their Angel sister.   I like to think of her enjoying watching her siblings having fun, from Heaven.


So that’s us.  I hope you stick around and check out some of the fun places we go and things we do.  And the question is … where will you Harry Up and GO?