Well, always expect the unexpected with the Harry Clan!

There’s a quote that I’ve always loved, but for the past few weeks its been on the tip of my tongue.  It has to do with making plans, and God laughing.  This one is a bit nicer.

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You, all of our faithful and curious followers, have seen us sell off most of our possessions, make major job changes, pull our children out of their beloved schools, all to follow a dream.  The dream of traveling across our beautiful country with our camper in tow, then settling down in some little Pleasantville, USA somewhere.  Well, before we really ever got started, I’m here to tell you that our plans are changing.

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Two days before we left for our trial run in the camper in New Jersey, we got some news that changed everything.  We are pregnant with our 7th child!  Yes, I can hear all my friends and family saying, “WHAAAAT??  You said you were done having children!!???”  Well, we thought we were but as in the quote above states: God had other plans for us.  Recently I’ve been thinking of God watching us making all these changes and plans and hiding this little secret from us…that we probably will never make it off the East coast with that camper.

You might imagine the emotions we’ve all been feeling for the past few weeks.  After the shock: confusion, elation, fear, uncertainty, analysis paralysis, excitement, embarrassment, and so many more.  But after seeing that little baby yesterday on the sonogram machine screen, we feel nothing but peace and love that this new little soul will be joining our big, crazy family.

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10 week old baby Harry


Now what about the trip?  That’s the question we have been agonizing pondering over the past few weeks.  We have ultimately decided to leave the camper behind and continue on with our exploration of the country and search for where we may want to end up raising this big little family.  Our year long exploration has been cut shorter as Baby Harry is set to arrive Mid-February.

Here are a few other tidbits I will share with you as well:  I hated the 2 weeks we spent in the camper in New Jersey.  I don’t know what was different about our extra fun camper trips of the past that made me me ‘oh so excited’ to give this lifestyle a try, and ‘living’ in the camper for those 2 weeks, but really: it wasn’t good. In all honesty, the kids and Dean were fine.  I was not.  I tried to put on a good show, but there were some anxieties and fears that would not stop shouting in my ears.  Ultimately I had to have this talk with Dean.  He agreed, and we did not feel comfortable taking the camper across the country.  I could tell you all the reasons why I didn’t enjoy the trip and thought it wouldn’t be good for us, but I’m choosing to not put that out there publicly.  Feel free to message or call me if you really want to know.  I’ll just say that for the short duration (now cut off by the mid February birth of our baby somewhere) and some other family circumstances, it just didn’t make any sense for us to continue on as planned.

Many things are still happening as planned though.  We will continue on with the plan to homeschool our children for one year at least.   We are still going to go on adventures and explore the US- just in hotels/condos/wherever we can find to stay. We still like the Jacksonville, Florida area & think we may end up there sooner than originally planned.

So that’s why we’ve been a little quiet on the blog.  We wanted to shock let our family know about the baby first, and we’ve been busy racking our brains trying to come up with a new plan.  We ask that you keep us in your prayers and continue on following our soul searching journey.  If there’s any lesson that you can take from our plan changes, please take away this:  No matter where you think you are going in life, as long as you have your family and those you love by your side, then you will be fine!  We are not disappointed, in fact just the opposite:  We are rolling with the punches and so very excited to see where this journey lands us.  Because one thing is for sure:  we have no idea, even with the best laid plans, what that will look like!!

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9 thoughts on “Well, always expect the unexpected with the Harry Clan!

  1. Congrats! We are pregnant with baby #7 also due in October. It’s crazy how God can turn your world upside down with pure joy! Praying for your journey ahead!

  2. This is by far exciting news and truly a blessing as you are an amazing mom and love your children and obviously someone felt you deserved another blessing depsite your “plans” in life. Congrats to you both and enjoy your journey

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