We are FINALLY ready for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

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Hey there Harry Up and GO fans and followers!  So I know that we have been fairly quiet on the blog recently. Well we have a really good reason…we have been VERY busy!  Our Facebook friends and family have been seeing us selling our things – they may have been wondering, “What the heck are they doing?!”  Over the past year, we have sold our rental house, a piece of land, our home, furniture, toys and most of our possessions .  We’ve sold stuff on Facebook & Craigslist, have held 2 huge yard sales, and have made countless trips to Goodwill, Purple Heart and other charities.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/harryupandgo/

Just some of the items set aside for our yard sale.

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The great Purge

Sooooo….the big announcement we have been dying to make, but needed to make sure that all our ducks were in a row is…..

We are moving our family of seven into a 357sf travel trailer!!  We will be exploring our beautiful nation via our RV!  We will be home or “roadschooling” all 5 kids along the way.  Our plan is to commit to “fulltiming” for at least one year, but we are leaving the stop date open ended so that we can see how it goes, and let life take us where it will.  How about them apples?!

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About 7 years ago, Dean and I both got the bug to move or do something different.  We had submitted some contracts on houses and even explored moving to other states to satisfy this urge to move.  Here are a few of the ideas we scrapped along the way:

  1. Old dilapidated compound on Taylor Rd. in Street (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?)
  2.  Cool house on Mark street right on Harford County parks and rec land
  3. Very strange but interesting house with 6 bedrooms on Choate Rd. in Fallston
  4. Three house compound (homes for my sister and parents also?) on Bottom Rd in Baltimore County
  5. Move to the Charleston/Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina where homes are oh so inexpensive!
  6. And most recently, build a home next to my sister on our beautiful 14 acre piece of land right in Bel Air (after paying a bazillion dollars just to build the driveway)

So the point of all that is to say that we have big dreams, but none of them were ever “THE” right thing for our family.  And I’m of the camp that believes that when you know and feel that its right, then it IS.  So this one idea of full time RV’ing kept popping into our  heads. Time after time, in between all these other ideas, we kept saying, ‘lets just travel in the RV- all the time!”  WE know that we love going camping in the trailer.  Whenever we were at the campgrounds with the family,  I felt that we were truly happy.  No worries, just good, honest, wholesome family fun time.  Then we learned that there is a small movement of families that actually DO what we were thinking about:  living in the camper and traveling as a family.  So many people save this lifestyle for retirement, but we kept thinking that we wanted to experience the fun WITH the kids.  We could actually turn this crazy idea into something real, learning from the other families who have paved the way for this lifestyle.

So about a year ago we really started planning, researching and figuring out how we would make this happen.  All the kids have always been on board and are really very excited to get started on our journey.

I know that this probably sounds unconventional and a bit strange, but I’d like to share with you a few of the reasons WHY we are doing this:

What’s missing?  I like to think of myself as a person who is constantly trying to improve my life.  I can’t say I was unhappy, but I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing or that I was meant for something more or bigger. I still don’t know what that is,but I do feel like on our journey around the United States, I may figure it out.

Busy Busy Busy! This was our life – does it sound familiar? Baseball five nights a week for one child. We have one toddler full time at home, one in preschool, two in elementary school, one in middle school; each having daily pick ups and drop offs at 3 different times.  Then add in after school clubs, religious education, My Gym classes, Fundamentals classes, birthday parties, gymnastics, class parties, PTA events and meetings, blah blah blah.  I know that we chose all of these activities, but i feel like there’s no way to leave this stuff behind with the lifestyle we are currently living.  I needed a drastic change – Would we get it this way by moving into the RV and traveling?  We are going to try.

NO MORE CLEANING!  Another REALLY enticing reason is … I’m going to be going from cleaning a 2800 square foot house to only 357 square feet – ONE BATHROOM!  Now I’m sure my kids can trash a small camper quickly, but I am imagining it only taking 30 minutes to clean it – I’ll keep you updated on that one.  I’m very much looking forward to the simplicity of having much less space and things to take care of.

Quest for happiness ***  I started really looking at my life and contemplating…when am I truly happy?  While on vacation, camping with the family, doing outdoorsy things like hiking, swimming, berry picking…Why not try to do that all the time?  We, as a society, feel the need to do everything like everybody else – go to college, get a job, get married, get a house, have some kids, get a bigger house with a bigger mortgage, retire…whats next?  I want to buck the system a bit on the quest for true happiness.  We will let you know how it goes!

What about work? Dean has worked his way up the corporate ladder at his job and has been successful. But the adventure and wanderlust has grabbed us – he wanted to be able to spend more time with these beautiful children we created together.  So he has opted to become a sales agent again and will be on his own, not managing anymore.

So all these things started eating away at us & we ultimately made the decision to start putting a plan in place so we could fulltime as family.  We purchased our tow vehicle, sold our old small camper and purchased the newer macdaddy camper with fulltiming in mind.

Here are a few pics of our home for the next year or more!

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What do we feel this life change will accomplish?

  • Give us time to be with and raise these great kids – I recently realized I only have 6 years left before our oldest might go away to college!  Boo Hoo!! We want to help our children grow and experience things they might not otherwise be able to do – but we want to experience it with them
  • We want to see the country and cross things off our bucket list
  • We want less stuff to deal with – no mortgage, only one bathroom to clean, less toys to clean up, no lawn to mow, etc
  • Spend way less money
  • Figure out where we want to raise our family.  We love Bel Air, but need to see what else is out there before we purchase a house again – explore other states
  • Figure out what is our calling?
  • Help reduce the technology use for everyone in our family and get back to nature /make screen free time a priority

I’m sure we cant even begin to fathom how much we are going to miss our friends and family.  But we have to give this dream a shot & we hope that you all will follow along with us on our blog and on social media.  Sign up for email notifications at the bottom of this post so you are sure not to miss any of our posts.  Facebook only shows a small percentage of my posts in your news feed so be sure to add your email address so you never miss anything. Please share our posts on social media – maybe we can inspire others to give this nomadic lifestyle a try!

So what’s next?  Right now we are living with family while we let the kids finish school.  We are heading to the Jersey Shore for a few weeks to get our feet wet locally with fulltiming, then heading home for a previously planned family vacation.  Then at the end of July we are off to explore!  We will make our way out to Mt. Rushmore with stops along the way in Cleveland, Michigan, South Bend, Chicago, and Milwaukee to name a few.  Please share with us any “must sees” that you know of along this route!

One question that we often get, I’ll answer right off the bat:  How are you going to make money? Well, after 15 years in the business, and 10 years in management, Dean is heading back into the field as a direct life insurance sales agent.  This opportunity will enable us the freedom and flexibility to travel. Over the years he’s helped many friends and family as a trustworthy and honest source for life insurance and money/retirement 401k rollovers.  You can support our family and our adventures by calling Dean to evaluate your coverage and by recommending him to anyone who might be in in need of insurance.  To get in touch with Dean please message him through Facebook Here.

  • https://www.facebook.com/harryupandgo/

So that’s our story. What do you think?  Do you think we are absolutely nuts? (but don’t hurt our feelings!)  Are you jealous and want to hitch a ride? Do you want to meet us somewhere in the US? Do you have any suggestions for where we should go?  What questions do you have for us?

Thanks for following us! Stay tuned for more details about our adventures while we Harry up and GO!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/harryupandgo/

47 thoughts on “We are FINALLY ready for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

  1. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Wishing you at your family the best. Can’t wait to follow your adventure.

  2. I remember u telling me this a year and a half ago.. hands down LOVED our road trip 3 years ago!!!..it was only 18 days, but amazing…happy trails to all of u and can’t wait to follow ur adventures😊😚

  3. So well said – you put many of my exact thoughts on paper. I am sure you will have an amazing time!!

  4. I am jealous! If I could only get that telework request approved at work… Wishing you perfectly inflated tires and trouble-free miles. I’ll be following your journey attentively.

  5. I’m so excited for you all!! TJ & I always talk about getting an RV when we retire! You are very blessed to have this outstanding opportunity. Please keep me jealous, educated on the places to visit, and with goals to do the same on day in the near future. May you have an adventure of a lifetime! 😉😋

  6. You are now my most favorite people on Earth. I will live vicariously thru you for the next year and hope to copycat your trip with our family next year.

  7. Way to go! Live it up and expore the country with that wonderful family of ours! I, too, am jealous. Enjoy the simple life, M.

  8. I just saw this on Betsy Deans facebook. I read all of your story, I love it, a lot, I have a wee bit of anxiousness for you, but I am more on the ” Go For IT ” trend. God bless you, walk with Jesus, holding on to His words for guidance, peace, encouragement, and strength. You have to visit ” WALL, South Dakota, on Rte 90. Super fun, interesting, town, very, very small town. But it is not far from, Rapid City, South Dakota. Look it up, Wall Drugstore in Wall South Dakota. The story is very true and interesting. It almost sounds a little like your story of adventure. I hope you try to find it, tho. I am excited for you, all. I shall be praying for you, and anxiously waiting to hear about your travels. retsy g

  9. Sounds like an amazing adventure! Starved rock and devils lake are fun spots to stop north of Milwaukee!

  10. Amazing! So fun and adventurous… Enjoy your travels and enjoy your family! I’m looking forward to your blog and hearing all about it!

  11. So AWESOME Harry’s! 💞Way to make it happen! So very excited for you and your family! Make sure you get out to the Pacific Northwest! I think you’ll love it if you haven’t been yet!! 🦋 Would love to take the kids on an adventure like this 🤗. Hmmmm….

  12. Like I said multiple times before to many people and You, I apsolutly love this idea.
    Very glad and happy for you all, that you can do something like this, I wish we have gutts for it. I think it’s going to be awesome for kids they will learn a lot on this adventure.
    Wishing you all the best, be safe and have fun all the way. Please let us know if you need anything…. good luck and enjoy, can’t wait for your updates and to see you again … xoxo love Jovetic family

  13. I’m so proud of you and thrilled for you guys! It is so awesome for me to see you truly listening to that inner voice encouraging you to chase pure happiness YOUR way!!!! I can’t wait to read your updates! Of course you need to spend time in Terra Alta 😉 May I also suggest Frederick County, MD!? 🙂 ♡ LOVE YOU!

    1. Thanks Nic! Its funny I was thinking about how Terra Alta was my first time I ever experienced a different landscape and lifestyle… maybe that’s where all my wanderlust started…Love you!

  14. Excited for you guys! Excited to read all about it! So will you be able to ride in the RV while it’s moving since it’s not attached?

    1. Thanks Sarah! Nope, kids always in carseats in the truck. When the camper is travelling we cant access anything really because the slides go in so far. I’m excited to do a big post showcasing the camper!

    1. Thank you Karen! You are one of the bravest people I know! So happy our paths crossed over the years. Love you!

  15. Very happy for you guys! You definitely will be missed but I am happy to say we knew you when! Have a wonderful time and we are looking forward to hearing all about your journey! A couple places that I recommend from my days of traveling are Mt. Zion National Park – unbelievable rocks and natural beauty, TEXAS Outdoor Musical in Amarillo, TX, and of course our favorite city – Clearwater Beach, FL!

    Have a great time and be safe!

    The Knott’s ( Brandon, Casey, Riley, MacKenzie, and Quinn)

  16. Wow!!! This is so awesome! Like tiny home living! Makes total sense to me!! God bless! Can’t wait to see all the updates!! 💜

  17. When u go through Michigan if u have time stop in battle Creek on I-94 west, cereal city, USA home of Kellogg’s, not sure if they still offer tours, but if they do, it is a fun tour to watch them make rice krispies or corn flakes! Enjoy your adventures, I’ll be following your fun. Pat

  18. Horray for you guys – What a simply wonderful journey you will have. All the best to you and your beautiful children – it’s an adventure they will tell their friends about for the rest of their lives.

  19. This is an amazing idea! So excited for you all. Good luck on your new adventure and when you make it to Seattle please let me know.


  20. Good for you guys!! I’m sure you’ll have amazing adventures. Prayers for safety and fun!! Can’t wait to read. 🙂

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