Harry Up and GO to Chuck E. Cheese!

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OK, OK, this does not sound like something that would normally come out of my mouth.  I usually refer to Chuck E. Cheese as “Chuck-E-Disease” but hear me out for just a minute…regardless of my thoughts on the place, my kids LOVE it there.  I begrudgingly took the kids to our local Chuck E. Cheese on one of their days off from school this week and we had a great time!

I just wanted to let everyone know a few things about our last trip to Chuck E. Cheese:

  • There were a lot of brand new games there.  They had a few new kiddie ride type games as well.  The Harry kids really enjoyed exploring the new games!

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  • THERE ARE NO MORE TOKENS!  They have done away with the token system and instead they have cards that money gets loaded onto.  The prices are all the same, just no more tokens to lose, carry around or have the little ones put in mouths (YUCK!)  *there are a few games that ‘need’ tokens to play so when a child touches the card to the game, it gives her the token to play*  SO, the cards look like these little credit cards.  I paid $1 each for a wristband that hold the card so no child would lose it.  The money I paid was evenly divided between the 5 cards.  I really like this new system and the kids did too!  Every time the child pays for a game, it electronically tells the child how many plays are left on the card.
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  • The cards are re-loadable and re-usable, so you can recycle the card there, or save any unused portion for another day. You can check your balance on these things throughout the center.

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Tips for an enjoyable time at Chuck E. Cheese:

  •  Go EARLY on a week day.  We were there about 10 minutes after they opened on a Tuesday.  We shared the entire place with another family.  It was fantastic.  Everything was clean and not busy.  It is the only time I will consider going to Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Talk to the kids before you go in about not touching their mouths.  I think its really important to teach kids this in general, but at very public places such as this its important to reiterate it so that you can keep germs at bay.  The germs are there and all around us, but if you don’t let them enter your body they cant do anything!
  • This is my best tip for CEC!! – Go to their website at www.chuckecheese.com before you go.  You can print out rewards calendars and they will give each kid 10 FREE TOKENS (or whatever they call them now).  For us that was 50 free tokens which equals $12.50!!  The charts can be found here.  Some of them are pretty funny like charts for “No more nose picking”.  Which is a good thing especially if you are going to Chuck E. Disease.  ALSO!!!  You can play (or the kids can play) games online that give free tickets!!  Check out the games HERE.  Basically, you play these simple and quick games online and then each child can get 50 free tickets!  That’s a big deal for a little kid who doesn’t really get a lot of tickets.  Use the tickets for each child to get a better prize at the prize counter.  (Lets not mention that the prize will be lost or thrown away in within the first 24 hours!)  Both of these tips are completely free and in my opinion, help you save money on your trip to Chucky’s!
  • Lastly you must go to CEC armed with coupons!  Check HERE for the current coupons for Chucky’s!

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  • https://www.facebook.com/harryupandgo/

So even though its not my favorite place in the world to take the kids as a parent, I have to face it…the kids love it there.  I hope that my tips help you enjoy your time if you get to check out Chuck E. Cheese any time soon! And don’t forget to save one token for the family picture!

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  1. Those cards look really neat. I can’t wait to see what the kids think 🙂 Also love the tips on how to get more tickets 🙂 Thanks so much.

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